Hillary Panders, Bill Whines

Hillary Panders Keeping with the recent theme that our political leaders are clueless, today I ran across this gem from Hillary’s Indiana campaign: Clinton visits gas station for cameras SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Hillary Rodham Clinton, a […]

An Open Letter to Our Next President

Mr. or Madam President, Vice President Dick Cheney once famously quipped “The American way of life is non-negotiable.” I submit that while our next president might not be so brash in stating this, the root […]

Please Make it Stop

The pandering, that is. First up, the presidential candidates take turns accusing each other of not having a plan for high gas prices, which the accuser of course has a neat solution for that will […]

Someone Muzzle This Woman

Would someone please stuff a sock in this woman’s mouth? She is making an absolute fool out of herself every time she speaks: Ferraro: My comment wasn’t racist, it was fact First she says that […]

Disgusting Tactics from the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Or, Why I Would Rather See Obama Win the Democratic Nomination. First off, this is not a post about energy policy. Nor is it an endorsement of anyone. I am not overly inspired by the […]

Unintended Consequences

The Politics of Biofuels In response to a recent query from an independent student newspaper in the UK, I wrote up this editorial piece on the politics of biofuels. The original can be found here. […]

What’s Wrong with Nuclear Power?

A couple of days ago I was reading the CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate transcript. Of course I am always interested to hear what the candidates have to say about energy. There were a lot of […]

E85: Spinning Our Wheels

Introduction The following is an expanded version of an essay that I posted to The Oil Drum entitled: E85: Spinning Our Wheels. The essay was inspired by comments made by Odograph over at The Oil […]