Tariffs in the Climate Bill

A number of people have written to ask why I haven’t commented on the climate bill. There are two reasons. First, the House and Senate versions are very different, so the final form may not […]

Obama’s Secret Meeting With the Oil Industry

Sometimes I come across information that isn’t publicly known. That occasionally happens because I am digging, and I uncover something newsworthy. I can generally report on those kinds of things. But sometimes it is because […]

Yes He Could

Feasible? Yes. Realistic? No. Do I believe the U.S. can be energy independent? Yes, I believe that with certain draconian measures, the U.S. could achieve energy independence within 10 years. But emphasis must be placed […]

Top 10 Energy Stories of 2008

Tis the season for Top 10 stories, and here are what I think were the Top 10 energy stories of the year. 1. Unprecedented volatility in the energy markets Oil prices raced to nearly $150 […]

A Critique of Obama’s Energy Policy

Listening When We Disagree Barack Obama has said that energy is going to be one of his top priorities. I believe he is completely sincere about this and that energy will get a lot of […]

Highlights of Obama’s Energy Proposals

I am working on a critique of President-elect Obama’s energy proposals. I am working to complete this before Monday, as I fly back to Europe then and will be quite busy for a few days. […]

Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama

The networks haven’t called it yet, but this deal is done. It’s too early to tell if it’s going to be the 100 electoral vote margin that I predicted, but it is looking like a […]

Final Presidential Election Prediction

I knew nothing about Barack Obama until my wife brought him up following his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. She told me “I just saw a speech from a man that I […]

The Debate Over Energy Policy

From last night’s presidential debate transcript, both of the candidates sound off on energy policy. Comments from me are inserted into the text as [RR: comment]. Schieffer: Let’s go to — let’s go to a […]

McCain Losing It

I have held my tongue this week, but the McCain/Palin tactics are starting to really disgust me. I have been scratching my head and asking myself what has happened to this man. I once admired […]