How Long Will Natural Gas Be A Bridge Fuel?

In a previous article, I addressed the fact that natural gas is serving as an important bridge fuel as coal is phased out. Today, I estimate how long that bridge might last.

Natural Gas Is Already A Bridge Fuel

Those who wish to debate whether natural gas should be a bridge between a coal-fired past and a renewable future are missing the point. It is already serving as that bridge.

Understanding The Debate Over Ethanol And Smog

The ethanol industry and President Trump are advocating for year-round sales of 15% ethanol blends. Here’s why some are concerned about this move.

Why Fall Brings Cheaper Gasoline

Gasoline prices usually fall after summer, and not just because demand drops. Today, I explain the factors that typically lead gasoline prices to trend down as fall arrives.

Venezuela’s Citgo Refineries At Risk Of Seizure

A decade ago, I suggested that U.S. oil companies target Venezuela’s Citgo refineries as compensation for Venezuela’s expropriation of their assets. Last week a court ruling opened the door for that remedy.