At $16 Billion, Australian Solar Project Would Be Biggest In The World

The world’s most ambitious renewable energy project to date is the proposed Australia–ASEAN Power Link. This project would combine the world’s largest solar farm, the largest battery, and longest undersea electricity cable. The 10 gigawatt […]

What A Joe Biden Presidency Means For The Oil Industry

There has been a lot of hand-wringing in the oil industry about the consequences of a Joe Biden win, so let’s discuss those today. Here is some context I like to use to frame the […]

New Energy Outlook Projects Massive Energy Sector Shift Through 2050

BloombergNEF (BNEF) published its New Energy Outlook 2020 (NEO) last week. The NEO projects the evolution of the global energy system over the next 30 years. It is widely utilized by planners, strategic thinkers, and […]

Why Vanadium Flow Batteries May Be The Future Of Utility-Scale Energy Storage

Earlier this year, the California Energy Commission (CEC) published a $20 million solicitation to fund research projects for the deployment of long-duration energy storage. The objective was to develop a clear understanding of the role […]

How The Oil Industry Fared Under The Last Nine U.S. Presidents

With the 2020 presidential election looming — and with many claims and counterclaims about a president’s impact on the oil industry — I thought it might be of interest to review the history of U.S. […]

ExxonMobil Loses $225 Billion In Market Cap Against Chevron

Twice over the past two weeks, ExxonMobil has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Two weeks ago, the utility NextEra Energy surpassed the market capitalization of ExxonMobil to replace it as the largest U.S. […]

How NextEra Overtook ExxonMobil As The Largest U.S. Energy Company

If you had invested in Florida-based utility NextEra Energy a decade ago, your total return through this week, including dividends, would have been 600%. That is a phenomenal return for an energy company. In contrast, […]

Did The U.S. Become The World’s Top Oil Producer Under President Trump?

As the presidential election approaches, I am increasingly seeing claims that President Trump put the U.S. back on top as the world’s leading oil producer. So, let’s take a closer look. Here is a 2013 […]

Fact-Checking President Trump’s Ethanol And Oil Production Claims

Last week at a campaign rally in Jacksonville, Florida, President Trump made a puzzling claim. Near the end of a story about Kamala Harris, Trump said “The great state of Iowa — where I made […]

Joe Biden Adopts A Realistic Fracking Stance

I have always viewed politicians that promise to ban hydraulic fracturing — commonly known as “fracking” — with some level of suspicion. In fact, a year ago as candidates were making these promises I explained […]