Cellulosic Ethanol Falling Far Short Of The Hype

Nine years after the Renewable Fuel Standard mandated that cellulosic ethanol had to be blended into the fuel supply, billions of tax dollars have been spent to make cellulosic ethanol a commercial reality. Here’s how that experiment is going.

What Trump Didn’t Say: The State Of American Energy Has Never Been Stronger

In his first State of the Union address, President Trump missed an opportunity to highlight America’s position as the world’s leading energy superpower.

With State Of The Union, Trump Missed An Opportunity On Energy

President Trump scarcely mentioned the energy industry in his State of the Union address, and what he did say wasn’t completely correct.

What Record Oil Production In The Permian Basin Looks Like

In its nearly 100 years of production, the Permian Basin has never produced more oil than it produces today. I was there last week and saw the boom firsthand.

The Energy Sector Is Tax Overhaul’s Biggest Winner

The tax bill recently signed by President Trump should be a boon to corporate America. The bill will drop the corporate tax rate from the current 35% to 21%. But energy companies, which have historically […]