President Biden Tried To Fight High Gasoline Prices

Last week a friend from Uganda told me that gasoline prices have risen by 50% there. I asked him who the people blame. “Our President.” So, there you have it. Uganda’s President is behind the […]

Did The U.S. Lose Its Energy Independence?

I get quite a lot of correspondence from readers. Some of it involves angry messages from readers who are convinced that reality is something other than I have presented. For example, in my recent articles […]

The Double Irony Of Asking OPEC To Increase Oil Production

As I wrote in February of this year in The Inherent Risks In President Biden’s Energy Plan: “If we prematurely discourage investment in fossil fuels — and then our dependence doesn’t decline as rapidly as […]

Sorry, President Biden. This Is Not OPEC’s Fault

Just ahead of OPEC’s next virtual meeting, President Joe Biden cast blame at Russia and OPEC for the current state of high oil prices. He said “If you take a look at gas prices and […]

Home Heating Projected To Be 30% Higher This Winter

In a recent article, I highlighted the record drop in oil production last summer. Demand has bounced back, but oil supplies are still about a million barrels per day lower than they were prior to […]

$100 Oil? Right Now OPEC Holds All The Cards

After the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) recently crossed $80 per barrel, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked whether it could reach $100. He replied “That is quite possible.” Given Russia’s dependence on revenue […]

Third Quarter 2021 Energy Sector Scorecard

The third quarter of 2021 closed on September 30th. The S&P 500 returned 1.4% for the quarter, and eight of eleven S&P 500 sectors posted a positive return. (Note that all returns discussed here are […]

A Novel Solution To Plastic Pollution

In the previous article, I outlined the growing global problem of plastic pollution. Global treaties and new technologies that address the manufacture, use, and reuse of plastics are needed to tackle this problem. Some companies […]

The Plastic Pollution Crisis

Just about anywhere you travel in the world, you will encounter plastic pollution. Even the beaches of remote tropical islands are littered with plastic waste. A recent study published in the journal Nature characterized 414 […]