Green New Deal: Aggressive Goals Or Delusional Thinking?

Moving aggressively in the direction of cleaner energy is a great thing. Setting goals that aren’t based in realism is a good way to be ridiculed.

Who Will Feed The LNG Monster?

In the previous article, I discussed the global nature of the oil markets. But the shale oil boom in the U.S. temporarily increased the localized impact on the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark. As a result, its price diverged from […]

How WTI Became A Player In The Global Oil Market

As U.S. crude oil production surged over the past decade, West Texas Intermediate prices became deeply depressed relative to international benchmarks. A change in the law fixed that, and turned the U.S. into a major crude oil exporter.

The U.S. Is Set To Become A Major Net Energy Exporter

The latest Annual Energy Outlook from the Energy Information Administration suggests that the U.S. is on the cusp of becoming a major net energy exporter.

How Regime Change In Venezuela Could Affect The Global Oil Market

Last week the U.S. recognized the opposition in Venezuela as the rightful ruler of the country. Here’s how that might impact the global oil industry.