The Holy Grail Of Lithium Batteries

Better batteries are needed to economically smooth out the intermittency of renewables like wind and solar power. One company may have finally solved some of the most vexing problems facing lithium-based batteries.

Top 20 Oil Companies Improved Cash Flow By $34 Billion

It is commonly accepted that fracking companies don’t make money. Well, some of them do, but some that don’t have seen their share prices explode. Further, the industry overall has made huge improvements since 2014.

Chevron Should Walk Away From Anadarko Deal

I originally thought Chevron would win the bidding war for Anadarko Petroleum. But the price has gotten too high, so I would argue that it’s time for them to walk away from the deal.

First Quarter Energy Sector Earnings: Chevron, ExxonMobil, Kinder Morgan, Valero and ConocoPhillips

First quarter earnings are rolling in, and the energy sector is broadly exceeding expectations.