OPEC Strategy Bears Fruit As Oil Prices Break Out

OPEC embarked upon a disastrous strategy in 2014 when it decided to defend market share against U.S. shale oil producers, but its new strategy is having the desired effect on the oil markets.

Are We Sleepwalking Into The Next Oil Crisis?

As the world entertains scenarios of peak oil demand based on the rise of electric vehicles, many agencies are warning that the far greater threat of an oil supply crunch looms.

U.S. Net Petroleum Imports Plunging Toward Zero

In December, U.S. net petroleum and petroleum product imports fell to the lowest level on record. On the current trajectory, they could fall to zero in 2020.

U.S. Oil Producers Projected To Eat OPEC’s Lunch

Conventional wisdom says U.S. oil producers are going to take market share away from OPEC and from Russia, but some U.S. oil producers are cautioning against such predictions.