Trying to Make Sense of Ethanol Tariffs

Note that in the following essay, I am not trying to come down either for or against ethanol tariffs, but rather to discuss what I see as the key issues surrounding them. U.S. energy policy […]

The WSJ Hates Ethanol

Actually, according to them everybody hates it:Everyone Hates Ethanol I can assure them that corn farmers, ethanol producers, and ethanol lobbyists don’t hate ethanol. 🙂 But they are correct that a coalition of strange bedfellows […]

The Biggest Energy Bill in History

At least according to the New York Times, if you pull out the energy-related provisions from the just passed stimulus package, the $80 billion “would amount to the biggest energy bill in history.” An $80 […]

The Green in the Stimulus Package

The stimulus package that President Obama would like to see passed – and is currently under debate in Congress – has about $100 billion (of $900 billion total) that is devoted to renewable energy and […]

Government and Industry Incompetence

I fear that gross incompetence in our federal and state governments – as well as in some of our major industries – is going to make life much more challenging for our children and grandchildren. […]

Cellulosic Ethanol Targets Slipping

For those who read this blog, this story will come as no surprise. I have been warning for a couple of years that the cellulosic ethanol proponents have been getting ahead of themselves with predictions […]

Thoughts on the New Energy Team

In case you are just venturing out of your cave for the first time in a week, you are probably aware that President-elect Obama has announced his new energy team: Obama names energy team The […]

The Case for Higher Gas Taxes

Taxes and Choice Whenever I mention the idea of increasing gas taxes, some inevitably hear only half the message: A tax increase. They don’t want to know about any tradeoffs I propose, or if there […]

Obama’s Change of Heart on WPT

It seems that President-elect Obama has had a change of heart on enacting a windfall profits tax on oil companies. That, among other things, is angering the liberal wing of the Democratic Party: Liberals voice […]

A Critique of Obama’s Energy Policy

Listening When We Disagree Barack Obama has said that energy is going to be one of his top priorities. I believe he is completely sincere about this and that energy will get a lot of […]