Nothing Left to Give

The reason I am not a short-term trader is that you have that extra variable of market sentiment to take into account. Market sentiment can change in a hurry; it can shave the value of […]

Answering Questions – Part II

OK, I think this finishes off the questions. Thanks to all who asked a question. I think this has been a productive exercise, and I hope you find my answers useful. I may do this […]

How Fast Can We Change?

How Will Events Unfold? Whether Peak Oil is on top of us now, or we have a few more years before the downturn, I think it is a problem that we will soon face. I […]

Saudi to Raise Production

I have said on many occasions that I think Saudi’s recent production decline is voluntary, and that I expected them to raise production by summer. However, judging from record-high crude inventory levels (in the U.S.), […]

The Week in Energy – September 7, 2007

Note: This will be my last time to post in this format (a block of stories in one post). Others have commented, and I agree, that this is a bit unwieldly. Besides that, I have […]

Why I Sat Out the Feeding Frenzy

I have gotten several e-mails about Cyclone Gonu in which I was asked to comment. Some asked why I haven’t written about it, or why I haven’t participated in the discussions about it. I was […]

Is Peak Oil a Belief, Theory, or Fact?

One of the comments by KingofKaty that followed my essay Peak Oil and the Lunatic Fringe brought up something that is worth addressing, because it comes up pretty frequently. The phrase of interest was “you […]

When Will Saudi Arabian Oil Production Peak?

The eventual decline of oil production in Saudi Arabia will likely have a profound impact on all of our lives. This event will result in energy shortages around the world, and depleting oil supplies will […]

Inventories are Falling Fast

There has been a lot of speculation lately over whether the Saudi oil production cuts over the past year have been voluntary. I have argued that they were voluntary based on a combination of what […]

Debate on Oil Exports – Part II

Note: This post will be going up at The Oil Drum in the morning. For viewers of this blog, you get to see it first. This is my response to geologist Jeffrey Brown’s (alias westexas) […]