OPEC Wants Certainty

First OPEC wanted to be compensated if climate change legislation costs them revenue, and now this: OPEC: give us certainty to invest You only get a small preview of the following story, but I found […]

Dueling Price Predictions

I have seen a flurry of recent predictions on oil and gas prices going forward, so I thought I would share some. Most of them support the thesis I recently put forward that we are […]

OPEC Defends $100 Oil

I had a feeling we were going to see this pretty soon in response to falling oil prices. It seems that OPEC has grown fond of the idea of oil >$100/bbl. Iran and Venezuela have […]

The Fault of the Government

I have long maintained that the root of our energy problems in the U.S. stems from our failure to enact a consistent, long-term energy policy. Big energy projects generally take years to complete, and when […]

Oil Cracked $140 Today

Peak demand or not, oil prices show no signs of subsiding: Oil Surges Above $140 to Record as Libya Warns of Output Cut June 26 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil jumped above $140 a barrel to […]

Oil to $250 a Barrel?

In case you missed it, there were several stories this week – and of particular note coming from OPEC – that suggested that much higher oil prices may be on the way: Oil Price May […]

The AP on Oil and Gas Prices

The Associated Press takes a question on oil and gas prices, and does a pretty good job explaining the factors affecting prices: Ask AP: Your News Questions, Answered Q: Background (my numbers maybe a little […]

Guest Essay on Energy Independence

I am still traveling for a few days, and will be back in Scotland on January 13th. One of the e-mails I received while I was traveling was a guest submission. The author wrote: Mr. […]

The OPEC Showdown

It has been clear for some time that OPEC members are deeply split over whether $100 oil is good for them in the long-term. Saudi Arabia, having been in this game a long time, probably […]

$90 Oil: How We Got Here

David Ivanovich at The Houston Chronicle always does a nice job of covering the energy markets. His latest article gives a comprehensive overview of the events of the past few years that put us on […]