Energy Was The Top-Performing Sector In 2021

In 2020, the energy sector was the worst-performing S&P 500 sector. With the Covid-19 pandemic crushing energy demanding and sending prices reeling, the energy sector decline by 37%. There were many obituaries written on the […]

The Challenges Posed By Rising Lithium Prices

Soaring energy prices this year have impacted people around the globe. I cited this as the Top Energy Story of 2021 in a previous column because of the impact on so many people. But it […]

Why Biden’s Electric Vehicle Charging Plan Might Be Falling Short

Last month the Biden administration released a plan to build a network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country. President Biden considers this an essential part of the fight against climate change by […]

The Top Energy Stories Of 2021

A year ago the emergence and subsequent consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on the year’s energy stories. That remained true in 2021, as supply chain issues combined with an economic recovery […]

How Oil Companies Are Facilitating The Renewable Revolution

The energy revolution, accelerated by the pandemic, is changing the DNA of the oil and gas industry at its core. In a recent interview Glynn Williams, CEO of Silixa — a company that provides fiber optic-powered data […]

Grading My 2021 Energy Predictions

At the beginning of each year, I make several predictions about the energy sector. You can see those predictions and read the context at Energy Sector Predictions For 2021. There is still a little over a […]

Plasma Pulse: A Clean Fracking Alternative That Requires No Water Or Chemicals

In the previous article, I discussed some of the issues involving water and hydraulic fracturing (fracking). In a nutshell, although fracking has proven to be a highly effective means of boosting oil and natural gas […]

President Biden Tried To Fight High Gasoline Prices

Last week a friend from Uganda told me that gasoline prices have risen by 50% there. I asked him who the people blame. “Our President.” So, there you have it. Uganda’s President is behind the […]

Did The U.S. Lose Its Energy Independence?

I get quite a lot of correspondence from readers. Some of it involves angry messages from readers who are convinced that reality is something other than I have presented. For example, in my recent articles […]