Britain’s Impending Energy Crisis

In case you missed the story yesterday in the Economist: How long till the lights go out? North Sea gas has served Britain well, but supply peaked in 1999. Since then the flow has fallen […]

Fertilizer Shortages in the UK

I was pointed to an interesting discussion today about the possible impact the biofuels mandates are having in the UK: Already paying the hidden cost of biofuels? The complaint, originating in Wales, reads: I know […]

Renewable Energy Tempts Workers

I saw an interesting little story today from The Glasgow Herald. I can’t find an online version, so here it is: Renewable Energy Tempts Workers By Mark Williamson More than half of the skilled staff […]

U.S. versus U.K. on Gasoline Prices

In the U.S., high gas prices tend to focus anger toward oil companies. In fact, as a reader recently pointed out, Shell’s CEO has even gotten death threats over the issue: Oil CEO Receives Death […]

Renewable Energy: “Expensive and Impractical”

At least that’s the conclusion of the present government in the UK: Labour’s plan to abandon renewable energy targets Ministers are planning a U-turn on Britain’s pledges to combat climate change that “effectively abolishes” its […]

What It Takes to Be Carbon Neutral

A popular newspaper in Scotland, The Scotsman, has detailed what it will take for Britain to be carbon neutral within 20 years. I have said before that despite Al Gore’s pleas, despite the awareness and […]

Windfall Profits: A Lesson from the U.K.

Regardless of your position on windfall profits taxes on oil companies, one thing has been demonstrated again and again. Governments consistently fail to accurately anticipate the consequences. As oil prices have increased, governments have seen […]