World Energy Outlook 2008 Released

Today the International Energy Agency (IEA) released their much anticipated (and previously leaked) World Energy Outlook 2008. The full report costs €150, but there is a lot of publicly available information on their website. They […]

IEA Report Leaked

Update: IEA Dismayed Over Leaked Report (says final version to be released on November 12th). —————— A much anticipated report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), World Energy Outlook, has been obtained in draft by […]

Ken Deffeyes Dons a Tin Foil Hat

At times, I have had very sharp differences of opinion with Kenneth Deffeyes, author of Hubbert’s Peak and Beyond Oil. Deffeyes, a Professor Emeritus from Princeton University, is one of the more vocal proponents of […]

The Future of Oil

Here is a link to an interview I did for the Fuzzy Logic Science Show on Canberra (Australia) community radio: The Future of Oil I haven’t listened to it myself, but if anyone picks up […]

Experts Split on Peak Oil

Note: I am traveling to Seattle on Monday, returning Wednesday. No updates during that time, and responses to e-mails will be delayed. Per a story in today’s Austin American Statesman: Is oil at its peak? […]

Book Review: Profit from the Peak

One of the threats from peak oil is the potential for financial ruin as oil prices run up. If you were invested in airline or automotive stocks through the recent run up in oil prices, […]

A Mixed Bag of Oil Projections in the MSM

Update: One more noteworthy story from Newsweek: The Coming Energy Wars Oil drives so much of the global economy, it’s almost impossible to fully imagine the world of $200 oil. No question, the shock will […]

My Worst Fears

In case you haven’t seen it, the peak oil panic really hit the mainstream this weekend: Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare Convinced the planet’s oil supply is dwindling and the world’s economies are heading […]

Book Review: World Made by Hand

When I read James Howard Kunstler’s (JHK) book The Long Emergency, it had a profound impact on me. I had been aware for many years that “running out of oil” was a serious matter. After […]

Letter to My Children

Given that we are preparing to make another move, I recently wrote my two oldest children a letter explaining why I felt like Dallas is a good place to be (for us) in the near […]