Book Review: Big Coal

One of the triumphs of modern life is our ability to distance ourselves from the simple facts of our own existence. – Jeff Goodell Big Coal by Jeff Goodell is a book I have had […]

Book Review: Oil on the Brain

Oil on the Brain by Lisa Margonelli was recommended by Paul Sankey at the 2009 Energy Information Administration Conference as a book that provided great insight into the oil industry. I have had it on […]

Book Review – Power of the People

I will finish up my long-promised concluding post in the recent series on ethanol and oil imports. I have been traveling for ten days, and inadvertently left all of my graphics for that post on […]

Book Review: Crude World

Introduction It succors and drowns human life. And for the last eight years, oil — and the people and places that make it — was my obsession. – Peter Maass Today a new book by […]

Answering Reader Questions 2009: Part 3

This was supposed to be the final installment of answers to the questions recently submitted by readers, but the answer to the first question went a little long. Here are the links to the previous […]

Book Review: Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller

Jeff Rubin – the former chief economist at CIBC World Markets – has always struck me as someone who “gets it.” I have seen him do a number of interviews, both on television and in […]

Book Review: Oil 101

Oil 101, by Morgan Downey, is without a doubt the most detailed and comprehensive book I have ever read on the oil industry. In fact, I am not aware that another book like this even […]

Book Review: Profit from the Peak

One of the threats from peak oil is the potential for financial ruin as oil prices run up. If you were invested in airline or automotive stocks through the recent run up in oil prices, […]

Book Review: World Made by Hand

When I read James Howard Kunstler’s (JHK) book The Long Emergency, it had a profound impact on me. I had been aware for many years that “running out of oil” was a serious matter. After […]

Book Review: Gusher of Lies

I have been a fan of Robert Bryce’s writing for a long time. His style is witty and entertaining, and he is a debunker-extraordinaire. His newest book, Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy […]