Oil Flirts With $90

I feel like I am watching a car wreck in slow-motion: Oil finishes at all-time high above $89 NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Oil prices pushed into record territory Thursday, finishing at an all-time high above […]

About That Oil Price

Update: Crude closes at another record: Oil prices end at record high Light, sweet crude for November delivery rose $1.48 to settle at $87.61 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Oil prices reached […]

Oil Tops $85

Update: Oil smashes $86 for the first time This week’s inventory report will be very interesting. If there is a significant build, the price could unravel quickly. If there is another surprise on the downside, […]

Time to Sell Oil Stocks?

A CNNMoney article is warning investors that oil, and oil company stocks are overvalued: Beware Big Oil stocks “Nobody in his right mind thinks this oil price is sustainable or justified by market fundamentals,” said […]

Energy crisis ‘one hurricane away’

Shell’s president says we are just one bad storm away from high and volatile oil prices. I wonder what he considers high and volatile? Shell president: Energy crisis ‘one hurricane away’ in U.S. “We are […]

Another Peak Lite Endorsement

Hmm. I am going to have to trademark “Peak Lite.” This viewpoint is gathering momentum. First the IEA, then the NPC, now the former chairman of Shell has come out and endorsed this view: Oil […]

Peak Lite Revisited

Introduction While I believe that a global peak in worldwide oil production presents an unprecedented challenge to the way most of the Western world lives our lives, I do not believe that world oil production […]

Oil Prices Up, Gasoline Down

From the Dallas Morning News: Jul. 9–Consumers watching the news about soaring crude oil prices normally would expect to pay for those increases at the pump. But since May, that has not been the case. […]

OPEC Holds Steady

I have been trying to get inside the mind of OPEC lately and predict what they would do at this week’s meeting. Worldwide crude inventories have been falling, so the market appears to be undersupplied […]