David O’Reilly Speech on Energy Policy

Still traveling until middle of next week (in London right now, back to Amsterdam tonight, California tomorrow), so limited communications from me until then. Lots going on in the world of energy. Oil has cracked […]

Oil Watchdog on Fuel from Algae

I have gotten out of the habit of visiting Oil Watchdog whenever I want a bit of energy-themed comic relief. They are so ‘over the top’ and transparent that it really hasn’t been necessary to […]

Oil Stocks for 2008

CNN is recommending oil stocks for 2008: Oil stocks: Best picks for 2008 They cover the integrated oil companies, the independents, the refiners, natural gas, and oil services. Here is what they said about the […]

Oil Watchdog Accepts Money from Big Oil

Consumer organization Oil Watchdog has admitted to accepting money from Chevron. This is odd behavior for an organization that has been fiercely critical of universities and museums that accept donations from oil companies. Oil Watchdog […]

Oil Watchdog Praises COP

I must be in Bizarro World: Watching Conoco’s Next Move Nope, no surprise today in ConocoPhillips’ third quarter profit report… down some on lower refining profits, up some on higher oil prices. The net effect […]

Where I Go for Comic Relief

I am going to have to start issuing my own press releases. That’s what our good friends at Oil Watchdog – the oil-hating arm of the FTCR, like to do. They write their own press […]

Time to Sell Oil Stocks?

A CNNMoney article is warning investors that oil, and oil company stocks are overvalued: Beware Big Oil stocks “Nobody in his right mind thinks this oil price is sustainable or justified by market fundamentals,” said […]

The Week in Energy – September 7, 2007

Note: This will be my last time to post in this format (a block of stories in one post). Others have commented, and I agree, that this is a bit unwieldly. Besides that, I have […]

Energyville Sneak Preview

Update: The game is now live for all at: http://www.willyoujoinus.com/energyville/ ———————— Chevron is going to unveil a game tomorrow called Energyville. The details are: Chevron, one of the world’s leading energy companies, is launching on […]