Why Gas Prices are Rising Again

Every time gas prices start to go up, my essay “Why Are Gas Prices Rising?” gets a lot of hits from Google searches by people looking for an explanation. Because the supply/demand dynamics have changed, […]

Haven’t We Seen This Before?

At this year’s ASPO conference, I was twice asked about the gasoline supply situation – once at a panel session and once by a reporter. At the time, there were gas shortages throughout the southeast, […]

You Heard it Here First

As I warned on Saturday: Gas Prices Climb Quickly as Refineries Remain Closed At least 14 Texas refineries, representing nearly a quarter of the nation’s refining capacity, will probably remain shut for the next week […]

Flirting with Disaster

Update: Governors in several states have now declared states of emergency due to potential gasoline shortages. One example: Governor Riley Declares State of Emergency MONTGOMERY – [Alabama] Governor Bob Riley on Friday afternoon declared a […]

Drowning in Gasoline

It sort of crept up on me, but last night as I reviewed This Week in Petroleum, I was struck by just how fast the U.S. has built gasoline inventories. Currently at 230 million barrels, […]

This Week in Petroleum 1-30-08

Updated Gasoline inventories did in fact edge upward, as gasoline imports were very strong. Had that not been the case, gasoline inventories would have definitely come down, as utilization continues to trend down. In fact, […]

This Week in Petroleum 1-24-08

Updated: Not too much to get excited about. Those reports of some refineries coming down early for turnarounds due to low margins look to be accurate, given the drop in refinery utilization. That would also […]

This Week in Petroleum 1-16-08

With all of the traveling, and then trying to catch up after the holidays, I haven’t had time to do a proper TWIP. Anyway, mostly what we saw for the past month were crude draws, […]

This Week in Petroleum 12-12-07

Updated: You would think if last week’s large inventory drop was due to fog-induced delays, all of that crude would show up this week. Not so, as another drop in crude inventories was recorded: U.S. […]

This Week in Petroleum 12-5-07

Update following the release: Big surprises all around this week: Summary of Weekly Petroleum Data for the Week Ending November 30, 2007 U.S. commercial crude oil inventories (excluding those in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve) dropped […]