Reflections on the Saudi Wars

Meet the Doomers It was early 2007, and I was riding high at The Oil Drum. I had written a number of articles on energy policy, and a consistent theme of mine was that biofuels […]

Slow Squeeze

I have been thinking a lot lately about the impact of $100+ oil prices on the world economy. Like many others, I am trying to work out the probable implications – for the overall economy, […]

Future Reserves

Just going through some files on my hard drive, and I ran across the following story. Unfortunately, I don’t have the source. But it’s an interesting look at where projected future oil reserves are expected […]

Saudi Aramco Delays Khursaniyah

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly people can develop amnesia. Take the case with oil production in Saudi Arabia. A year ago, their production was declining. A number of people argued that […]

The Bet

Background In December of 2006, there was a lively discussion at The Oil Drum about what would happen with oil prices in 2007. Although almost everyone felt that oil prices would rise, some argued that […]

The OPEC Showdown

It has been clear for some time that OPEC members are deeply split over whether $100 oil is good for them in the long-term. Saudi Arabia, having been in this game a long time, probably […]

How Would You Manage Saudi’s Reserves?

Too often people try to interpret comments or actions from Saudi Arabia, without attempting to understand the issues from their perspective. I think it is a useful exercise to ask whether their specific actions or […]

Dear Saudi: Stop Hogging Our Oil!

Raymond J. Learsy, author of Over a Barrel,is an idiot. How he managed to write a book will always be a mystery to me. Every time I read one of his screeds over at Huffington […]

Saudi Production Management

A friend recently pointed me to a 2003 paper that attempts to explain the reasoning behind Saudi Arabia’s behavior with respect to their oil fields. This sort of managed production has always been my counter-argument […]

Incoherent Reporting from WSJ

I just finished reading an article from the Wall Street Journal that left me shaking my head. I think the article is subscription only, but you can find it for now at: Oil tops $90 […]