Update on CWT IPO

A couple of months ago, in response to a story that Changing World Technologies was going to file an IPO to help commercialize their TPD technology, I reposted my story: TDP: The Next Big Thing […]

TDP Chemistry

While the most recent two posts (here and here) on Changing World Technologies’ thermal depolymerization (TDP) process were reposts, this one has not been previously posted here. Regular reader “Optimist” was initially optimistic about the […]

Repost of TDP: What Went Wrong

The is Part II of my look at Changing World Technologies’ thermal depolymerization process. This essay came from a reader, and was originally posted on April 12, 2007. But I also want to add some […]

Repost of TDP: The Next Big Thing

Because of the upcoming IPO for Changing World Technologies (See this story at Seeking Alpha) the articles that I wrote on the company are getting quite a bit of traffic. I thought I would bump […]

TDP: What Went Wrong

I am still working on an essay on butanol, pentanol, and higher-chain alcohols, but it has been really difficult to find the information I am looking for. (But I have figured out why bio-butanol has […]

TDP: The Next Big Thing

If you are a layperson, it may not be clear to you just how much of the current infatuation with cellulosic ethanol is hype, and how much is based on realistic assessments. So, I thought […]