I Never Cease to be Amazed

Thanks to a reader for sending me this story: Company trying to turn waste into biofuel Salem businessmen to turn dairy dung into butanol for vehicles Diesel Brewing would burn dairy waste and turn it […]

Answering Questions – Part II

OK, I think this finishes off the questions. Thanks to all who asked a question. I think this has been a productive exercise, and I hope you find my answers useful. I may do this […]

The Problem With Biobutanol

The Essay I Didn’t Want to Finish This is an essay that I have been promising for some time. I have had to start it from scratch a couple of times, and I am starting […]


Butanol Production Process In my previous job, I worked for a major chemical company for seven years. For six of those years, I worked on various processes to produce butanol. This included roles in R&D, […]