Revisiting Palin

On Sarah Palin as McCain’s choice for VP, I came out immediately and said that it was a mistake. I wrote in part: Count me among those stunned by McCain’s pick for his VP candidate. […]

Critiquing the SPR Swap Plan

This morning, I read an interesting editorial in the Wall Street Journal: Obama Has a Plan To Manage Our Oil Reserve The editorial was written by John Shages, a former deputy assistant secretary for petroleum […]

The Press on Obama’s Energy Plans

No time right now for editorial comment from me, just a sampling of the press on Obama’s energy plans following his speech tonight: History echoes during Obama’s big speech “For the sake of our economy, […]

Obama Was Right

I was traveling the past couple of days, or I would have been all over this story. As it stands, I certainly won’t be the first one to make this point. You may know that […]

The Lowdown on Miscanthus

Now that Blogger has determined that I am in fact a real person (see this note for an explanation), I am back in business. I notice the Barack Obama is now in favor of my […]

News on a Lazy Sunday

First up, Vinod Khosla: On the Record: Vinod Khosla On biofuels: I have no question that in 10 years, there’s no way oil will be able to compete with biofuels. Even in five years. Now […]

Hillary’s Stupid Energy Plan

I had intended for this, my 500th essay on this blog, to be about my recent trip to Choren’s new plant in Germany. But Hillary Clinton has just come out with a plan for high […]

An Open Letter to Our Next President

Mr. or Madam President, Vice President Dick Cheney once famously quipped “The American way of life is non-negotiable.” I submit that while our next president might not be so brash in stating this, the root […]

Please Make it Stop

The pandering, that is. First up, the presidential candidates take turns accusing each other of not having a plan for high gas prices, which the accuser of course has a neat solution for that will […]

Barack Obama Panders

He’s got my vote. He doesn’t take money from oil companies, and is going to punish them for their “windfall profits.” For some reason, Oil Watchdog does show him as having taken $157,390 from oil […]