Responsible Ethanol Goes Bankrupt

Last year I wrote a story about an ethanol company that was trying to produce ethanol in a more sustainable fashion: E3 Biofuels: Responsible Ethanol They had a great idea. Use corn to make ethanol, […]

National Geographic Story

Update: This was a story originally posted in August of 2006 (Wow, that’s been the fastest year of my life), but E3 Biofuels has come up in discussion quite a few times lately. I am […]

A Seamless Transition to a Post-Fossil Economy?

I am going to be covered up through the weekend, but there have been some good discussions down the page that I want to bump up as stand alone posts. One is a discussion of […]

CAFE Loophole

The ethanol bubble has been bursting a bit lately. I don’t say that with glee, because I hate to see people lose money, especially when it was due largely to misleading claims. (I say that […]

Integrated Bioenergy Center

Believe it or not, I was working on this post before I got massively distracted by the efficiency questions surrounding ethanol and gasoline. To some, I may seem to be a bit of a Jeckyll […]

Kicking the Oil Habit Road Trip

A recent e-mail brought my attention to a coast-to-coast road trip that is being sponsored by Kick the Oil Habit. The purpose of the road trip is primarily to raise E85 awareness and to promote […]

E3 Biofuels: Responsible Ethanol

Update: E3 Biofuels, with their promising ethanol technology, has declared bankruptcy. I hope it is clear that my opposition to ethanol has nothing to do with the fuel itself. If we could make sufficient ethanol […]