President Biden Should Immediately Convene A Summit With U.S. Oil Producers

If you have ever wondered what it would be like if a major oil-producing country suddenly went offline, you are getting a preview of that now. I am sometimes asked whether there are any potential […]

Why Approving Keystone XL Was A No-Brainer

Some readers won’t get past the headline before rendering the opinion that I obviously don’t care about climate change. That is false. My views on climate change are entirely compatible with the points I am […]

The World Needs American Energy

In an ideal world, developed countries like the U.S. and Germany will continue to rapidly deploy renewable power and electric vehicles. Fossil fuel usage will plummet. Therefore, there is no need for a Keystone XL […]

Senator Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand The Oil Industry Or Inflation

Last week Senator Bernie Sanders published a tweet that shows that he really doesn’t understand the oil industry, or how inflation works. Sanders tweeted: Shock. Shock. Shock. Gas prices are at the highest level in […]

Nuclear Power’s Future Is Looking Brighter

Between 2009 and 2019, global consumption of renewable energy grew at an annual average of 13.4%. Over that time, renewable energy consumption grew from 8.2 exajoules (EJ) globally to 28.8 EJ. Yet, global carbon dioxide […]

A Peek At The Efforts Of Two American Lithium Companies

In two previous articles, I have discussed China’s commanding lead in the rapidly-growing lithium industry. In a nutshell, it’s because China has invested heavily into developing its lithium supply chain, while the U.S. has lagged […]