Isn’t It Time To Refill The Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

There is a narrative that I hear from time to time that President Biden made billions of dollars for the country by selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) last year at high prices […]

Which President Oversaw The Largest Changes In U.S. Oil Production?

In the previous article, I reviewed gasoline prices under the past four presidents. I only went back that far because gasoline prices were pretty stable prior to 2000. Today, I want to look at the […]

Average Gasoline Prices Under The Past Four Presidents

In June 2022, driven by a combination of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an economic recovery from Covid-19, and arguably certain policies of the Biden Administration, the average weekly retail gasoline price hit an all-time […]

Will Lithium Follow The ‘Super-Cycle’ Of Mining?

There’s an old adage for commodities that says, “the cure for high prices is high prices.” The inverse is true as well. In fact, I often heard this phrase when I worked in the oil […]