A Simple Way To Offset Higher Gas Prices

We all know that gasoline and diesel prices are higher than they have ever been. At the same time, oil companies are reporting record profits. It’s completely understandable why the public would be outraged by […]

We Need Win-Win Energy Policies

About a decade ago, a friend asked how high I thought gasoline prices might rise. I said “One day you will pay $10 a gallon for gasoline.” He replied that he would refuse to pay […]

Why $5 Gasoline Looks Inevitable

As Russian troops were massing on Ukraine’s border back in February, I wrote Russia Is A Major Supplier Of Oil To The U.S. I warned: “Russia supplied 7% of U.S. oil imports in late 2021 […]

Russia’s Oil Revenues Are Soaring

As I warned in Russia Is A Major Supplier Of Oil To The U.S., Russia could potentially benefit from the sanctions on its oil exports. Although Russia hadn’t yet invaded Ukraine when I wrote that […]

Gasoline Prices Have Probably Peaked For Now

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions on Russian oil, the price of crude oil rapidly climbed above $120 a barrel. Gasoline prices — which had already been climbing since bottoming out in […]

If Oil Companies Control Prices, Why Do They Ever Lose Money?

With oil prices still over $100 a barrel, one thing is certain. Oil companies are going to make big profits. But misconceptions abound about the connection between high oil prices and high profits. After years […]

German Clean Energy Hub Pivotal To Reducing Reliance Of Russian Gas

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions against Russia have highlighted Europe’s vulnerability when it comes to energy security. At present, the EU receives around 40% of its gas, 46% of its coal, […]

Why Trees Are An Ideal Source Of Renewable Power

One of the more controversial renewable energy resources is woody biomass, such as trees. It shouldn’t be, because biomass can be a highly sustainable resource, if it is properly managed. I lived in Hawaii for […]

No, Former President Trump Did Not Fill The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

I have often noted that presidents have few ways to impact gasoline prices in the short term. However, one of the ways they can make a short-term impact is to release oil from the nation’s […]

U.S. Oil Companies Have Increased Drilling By 60% In One Year

One of the latest lines of attack in the finger-pointing over rising gasoline prices goes like this: U.S. oil companies are sitting on a huge number of permits, content to reap enormous profits while they […]