Toward a Sustainability Bioenergy Platform

The slides I presented on September 27th at the First Nations’ Futures Program at Stanford University are available for viewing for anyone interested: Toward a Sustainability Bioenergy Platform To summarize, the purpose of the First […]

Don’t Weep for the Trees

While I have no intention of changing the general theme of this blog, I will spend some essays in the future providing more details behind my new job in Hawaii. I did this on occasion […]

Lifting the Veil

Over the next six weeks, I will start to talk publicly about what we are putting together in Hawaii. There isn’t a specific strategic reason for doing so at this time, nor is it for […]

Too Many People?

It seems to be a given in many circles that the earth is overpopulated. I can see how some could come to this conclusion. There are people everywhere we look. Encroachment of suburbs into farmland, […]

Carbon Sequestration in Practice

First of its Kind: Sequestered Carbon in Sneek, the Netherlands Back in March, I left my job with ConocoPhillips to become the Engineering Director for London-based Accsys Technologies, PLC (but my work is focused within […]

The Energy Scene in India

As I traveled through India on a recent business trip, the topic of energy was constantly on my mind (as it is every time I travel). I found out some interesting things about jatropha, toured […]

World’s First Zero-Carbon City?

World’s first zero-carbon city? In Dubai? I must have been asleep when this story started making the rounds a couple of weeks ago. I just saw the story in a local newspaper, but a Google […]

Instant Energy Savings

The latest issue of Mother Earth News has an interesting article on ideas to reduce your carbon footprint: 8 Easy Projects for Instant Energy Savings Some of them are going to be familiar to everyone […]

The Manpower Shortage Worsens

Now for a short personal note. It’s been several days since I last updated, but there’s been a lot going on. There have been a lot of stories in the past year about the manpower […]

Building Green

At some point, I hope to own a zero energy home. (My wife is not as enthusiastic, so I have some persuading to do). Until then, I will cheerlead for those who are building green. […]