Seeking Input on 2013’s Top Energy Stories

It’s that time of year, when I am compiling the year’s top energy stories. As I typically like to do, I would like to solicit input from readers on what should be included in a Top 10 list. Personally, I believe the top energy story of the year is the rail disaster in Quebec that killed nearly 50 people. Any story that involves major loss of life during the acquisition of energy — especially when it involves innocent bystanders — is going to rank highly on my list.

But there are lots of stories to consider for a Top 10. The deal with Iran. The continued expansion of US oil production. Another bad year for the US coal industry. The EPA’s moves to lower the Renewable Fuel Standard. Another year of delays for Keystone XL.

What else? I don’t want a major story to slip through the cracks. Please respond in comments following the original story (in case this request gets copied elsewhere) and I will compile the list and publish in a couple of weeks.

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