Rank the Top 10 Oil Stories of 2011

Platts’ annual survey of the Top 10 Energy Stories of 2011 is now open:

The top 10 oil stories of 2011: cast your vote now

They listed about 40 stories; below are the ones that I voted into the Top 10 from the list they had put together:

  • Keystone XL decision delayed until ’13 after enormous opposition
  • Brent and WTI prices reach highest levels since 2008 surge
  • Australia approves carbon tax, first among major western nations
  • Brent/WTI spread blows out to as much as $28
  • US import dependence plummets on surge in US product exports
  • ConocoPhillips, Marathon to abandon integrated model, will both split in two
  • EA orders release of oil from inventories to counter tight market brought on by Libya
  • Bohai Bay suffers oil spill; ConocoPhillips is the operator
  • 15% ethanol blend approved for use in the US, but has little impact
  • Japanese consumption of LNG and products soars after quake to replace nukes

You are also free to suggest your own stories.

As I do each year, I will put up my own list in late December. The Platts survey is specific to oil, but my Top 10 will be across all energy sectors. Feel free to nominate top energy stories in the comments. I don’t want to give away too much, but I think the top story overall in energy this year took place in Asia.