The Solar-Powered Prius

Solar-Powered Prius (Source: At the end of my recent essay on Nissan’s electric car announcement, I wrote “For my next calculation, I need to see how much power I could generate by putting a […]

Nissan Enters the Electric Arena

I am feeling more and more optimistic that we are going to soon have a decent choice of viable plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). Nissan has now announced that they will have an offering in the U.S. […]

Electric Cars versus the ICE

Someone asked today at The Oil Drum about the primary reasons one would favor electric cars over the internal combustion engine (ICE). I responded Yes. To me there are two big incentives. One is that […]

Toyota Promises Plug-in Hybrid

Move over, Chevy Volt. You have some very serious competition: Toyota Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid by 2010 DETROIT — The Toyota Motor Corporation, which leads the world’s automakers in sales of hybrid-electric vehicles, announced […]

Vinod Khosla on Plug-in Hybrids

I am in rural Oklahoma with dial-up access currently indicating 50.6 Kbps, but I wanted to get this out there. Odograph pointed this PHEV story out yesterday, but now Vinod Khosla has dropped by and […]

Review: How Can We Outlive Our Way of Life?

“Have the guts to consider the silent consequences when standing in front of the next snake-oil humanitarian.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb in The Black Swan I believe our generation faces a sobering choice: Take serious steps […]

The Chevy Volt Rolls On

General Motors is moving forward with the Chevy Volt: Novel Batteries Get a Boost General Motors has announced it will work directly with A123 Systems, a start-up based in Watertown, MA, to develop batteries that […]

Wednesday Quick Hits

Plug-In Hybrids The more I learn about plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), the more convinced I am that this would be a far better use of our alternative energy dollar than subsidizing corn ethanol. Learn All About […]