100% Manipulation?

From the Detroit Free Press: Oil prices go sky-high, but don’t fear $5 gas If oil prices reach $100 a barrel for the first time, does that mean gasoline will be $5 a gallon? Analysts […]

Incoherent Reporting from WSJ

I just finished reading an article from the Wall Street Journal that left me shaking my head. I think the article is subscription only, but you can find it for now at: Oil tops $90 […]

Nothing Left to Give

The reason I am not a short-term trader is that you have that extra variable of market sentiment to take into account. Market sentiment can change in a hurry; it can shave the value of […]

Congress Takes Aim at OPEC

From the Houston Chronicle: House legislation would label oil cartel’s actions as illegal Championed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., the bill would essentially make it illegal for foreign nations like those in […]

My Thoughts on the GAO Report on Peak Oil

As I mentioned yesterday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report addressing future energy supplies in the U.S.: Uncertainty about Future Oil Supply Makes It Important to Develop a Strategy for Addressing a […]

OPEC Holds Steady

I have been trying to get inside the mind of OPEC lately and predict what they would do at this week’s meeting. Worldwide crude inventories have been falling, so the market appears to be undersupplied […]