Thoughts on the New Energy Team

In case you are just venturing out of your cave for the first time in a week, you are probably aware that President-elect Obama has announced his new energy team: Obama names energy team The […]

Obama Was Right

I was traveling the past couple of days, or I would have been all over this story. As it stands, I certainly won’t be the first one to make this point. You may know that […]

Thoughts on a Thought Experiment

As I indicated in the original post – Coping with Gas at $100 a Gallon – here are some of the comments on my thought experiment on $100 gasoline. Comments were varied, ranging from things […]

Coping with Gas at $100 a Gallon

I am fond of thought experiments. I like to ask “What If?” This can help me frame a problem. For instance, if I wonder how much land it would take to generate enough electricity to […]

Grading My 2007 Energy Resolutions

At the beginning of 2007, as I was preparing to move to Scotland, I made a number of resolutions: My Energy Resolutions for 2007 I updated the story once in Walking the Talk. Time to […]

Welcome Guardian Readers

Introduction About a month ago, I was contacted by The Guardian, one of the major newspapers in the U.K. They were launching the Guardian Commercial Partners Network. While there is potentially some ad revenue involved, […]

The Positive and Negative of High Oil Prices

Probably the most devastating personal impact if oil goes over $100 is that there won’t be a beer fund for people who stop by and see me in Aberdeen. Therefore, if you come see me […]

How to Kill the SUV and Save the World

The UK, which already only uses half the per capita energy of the U.S. (See Note 1), is taking aim at the SUV. As British taxes target gas guzzlers, sales of greener cars double London […]

Edwards Calls for Anti-Trust Investigation

Sometimes, the targets are simply too easy. There’s hardly any sport to this one: Edwards contends with Big Oil Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards took on the oil companies Thursday while campaigning in Menlo Park, […]

My Ideal Presidential Candidate on the Environment

I did not get to watch the first debate of the Democratic candidates for president, but I have seen some coverage of it. The Wall Street Journal’s Energy Roundup had a write-up on it a […]