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I got a kick out of this story from the newest issue of Subsidy Watch: New research from Missouri refutes allegations that ethanol mandates save money A report from a Missouri-based research organization debunks the […]

Redundant Ethanol Subsidies

The proposed farm bill just sent to President Bush (and expected to be vetoed) contains several ethanol provisions. One is to cut the corn ethanol subsidy from $0.51/gal to $0.45/gal. Forbes explains: Ethanol For Everyone! […]

Farm Prices Headed North

What prompted my previous essay on the vicious circle that has been started was this story: Farmland prices continue to jump The latest results mirror a trend noted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in […]

A Vicious Circle

What a vicious chain of events our politicians have set into motion. It just continues to worsen. It started out innocently enough. Oil prices were climbing. Our energy production was shifting to an ever greater […]

Cellulosic Ethanol is Dead

Cellulosic Ethanol is Dead! Long Live Biomass Gasification! My thunder has been stolen. I have been kicking around a post in my head for the past couple of weeks. I just haven’t had time to […]

Corn Futures Behaving as Expected

Last May, in The Mythical Ethanol Threat, I discussed the massive overbuilding that was going on in the ethanol sector. I knew that it would squeeze margins, but that would also put the pressure on […]

Where Your Tax Dollars Are Likely Headed

I have said before that a shakeout in the ethanol industry is inevitable. As I wrote here: When a commodity has such incredibly low barriers to entry, it is only a matter of time before […]

Ethanol/Alternative Fuel FAQ

Of course you are against ethanol. You work for Big Oil. Is ethanol reducing dependence on foreign oil? What’s this EROI/EROEI/Energy Return Business? Is EROEI the Same Thing as the Process Efficiency? Isn’t the Energy […]

Bob Dinneen Responds to Rolling Stone

I know it’s been a bit heavy on ethanol lately, but I continue to get quite a bit of activity over the recent Rolling Stone article. That’s the whole reason for writing a FAQ. I […]

Jeff Goodell Debates the Rolling Stone Article on CNBC

The guy is very well-spoken. Guess where he got that “recycled natural gas quote.” 🙂