The Controversial World Bank Report on Biofuels

I mentioned it earlier in a post, but now the full text of the World Bank report blaming biofuels for 75% of the rise in food prices has been posted: A Note on Rising Food […]

Peak Convenience

In the U.S. (and most of the developed world), people are accustomed to great convenience. We live in climate-controlled homes, wake up each morning, take a hot shower, and then eat a breakfast consisting of […]

Show Me

I got a kick out of this story from the newest issue of Subsidy Watch: New research from Missouri refutes allegations that ethanol mandates save money A report from a Missouri-based research organization debunks the […]

Ethanol Roundup

Couple of ethanol-related stories of note in the past few days: Corn prices hurt ethanol industry Iowa’s ethanol industry is being squeezed by high corn prices that are partly due to the estimated 3.3 million […]

Food Riots

As I have been arguing for years, this is not going to have a happy ending. Some day we will look back on this ethanol mandate fiasco as one of the greatest mistakes ever in […]

A Vicious Circle

What a vicious chain of events our politicians have set into motion. It just continues to worsen. It started out innocently enough. Oil prices were climbing. Our energy production was shifting to an ever greater […]

Ethanol in the News

And the news is bad. First up, an issue that is shaping up to be a major battleground between states. Nate Hagens brought this issue up on yesterday’s API call, but it was part of […]

Impending Food Crisis?

I know this is my second pessimistic post this week, but along with an energy crunch, I have been concerned about a food crunch. The whole ethanol love affair has had me worried for a […]

The NYT on Food versus Fuel

The New York Times weighed in today with an article on the food versus fuel issue, with emphasis on what’s going on in the 3rd world: An Oil Quandary: Costly Fuel, Costly Calories Definitely worth […]

Corn Futures Behaving as Expected

Last May, in The Mythical Ethanol Threat, I discussed the massive overbuilding that was going on in the ethanol sector. I knew that it would squeeze margins, but that would also put the pressure on […]