CNG in Your Beer

Thanks to a reader for this story: Cheap Natural Gas Drives Truck Alternatives NEW YORK (Dow Jones) – If you order a beer in New York, the odds are growing that it was delivered by […]

Behind the Costs of CNG Conversions

In my recent post – How Much Natural Gas to Replace Gasoline? – I mentioned that it is quite expensive to convert a gasoline-powered vehicle to natural gas. If you drive a tremendous number of […]

How Much Natural Gas to Replace Gasoline?

I Took This Picture of a CNG Bus on a Recent Trip to D.C. You may have seen the news this week that a report by the Potential Gas Committee says natural gas reserves in […]

Time to Switch to Natural Gas?

A couple of articles, both at Seeking Alpha, got me to thinking about whether it might be time to trade in my Petrobras (PBR) stock for something in the natural gas sector. From the first […]

Natural Gas Gaining Momentum

I have said a number of times that I would prefer to take the natural gas we use to make ethanol and just use it directly in compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Natural gas burns […]

Rahm Emanuel Proposal

Update I see from some of the comments following this story that my position needs to be clarified. There are several reasons that I think this is an important step forward. First, I have long […]

Rhode Island’s Smart Choice

Compressed Natural Gas A recent article in the Providence Journal caught my attention: Another fuel to power your car arrives in R.I. Some excerpts from the article: May 24–WARWICK — Hate the gas-guzzling SUV? Worried […]