Fossil Fuel Divestment Has Probably Cost Harvard University Over $1 Billion

Over the past decade, climate and environmental activists have pushed organizations to divest fossil fuel investments. According to — an organization that describes itself as “A global movement to end the age of fossil […]

How Republicans Will Attempt To Influence Energy Policy In 2023

Republicans will take over control of the House of Representatives in 2023. What does this mean for energy policy? Let’s discuss. There are two major areas in which Republicans could have an impact on energy […]

Fact-Checking Donald Trump On The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Last week, as expected, former President Donald Trump announced he is throwing his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential election. The move was widely expected, and as he is prone to do, Trump […]

Why The U.S. Has Lost Oil Refining Capacity

One of the under-reported factors behind the ongoing diesel shortage is the loss of U.S. refining capacity since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today I will discuss the factors that led to this loss. […]

Why The U.S. Has A Diesel Shortage

Last week, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that distillate inventories were at their lowest levels since 2008. (The primary distillates are diesel, jet fuel ,and heating oil). However, in 2008 distillate levels were low […]

The Keystone XL Pipeline Was An Insurance Policy Against Russia And OPEC

The U.S. is rapidly depleting our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) and is now begging Saudi Arabia and OPEC not to cut oil production. This is a result of the unintended — but predictable — consequences […]

How Saudi Arabia Took Advantage Of President Biden

In December 1975, when memories of gas lines were fresh on the minds of Americans as a result of the 1973 OPEC oil embargo, Congress established the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The law was designed […]