President Biden Tried To Fight High Gasoline Prices

Last week a friend from Uganda told me that gasoline prices have risen by 50% there. I asked him who the people blame. “Our President.” So, there you have it. Uganda’s President is behind the […]

Did The U.S. Lose Its Energy Independence?

I get quite a lot of correspondence from readers. Some of it involves angry messages from readers who are convinced that reality is something other than I have presented. For example, in my recent articles […]

The Double Irony Of Asking OPEC To Increase Oil Production

As I wrote in February of this year in The Inherent Risks In President Biden’s Energy Plan: “If we prematurely discourage investment in fossil fuels — and then our dependence doesn’t decline as rapidly as […]

Home Heating Projected To Be 30% Higher This Winter

In a recent article, I highlighted the record drop in oil production last summer. Demand has bounced back, but oil supplies are still about a million barrels per day lower than they were prior to […]

$100 Oil? Right Now OPEC Holds All The Cards

After the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) recently crossed $80 per barrel, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked whether it could reach $100. He replied “That is quite possible.” Given Russia’s dependence on revenue […]

Third Quarter 2021 Energy Sector Scorecard

The third quarter of 2021 closed on September 30th. The S&P 500 returned 1.4% for the quarter, and eight of eleven S&P 500 sectors posted a positive return. (Note that all returns discussed here are […]

A Novel Solution To Plastic Pollution

In the previous article, I outlined the growing global problem of plastic pollution. Global treaties and new technologies that address the manufacture, use, and reuse of plastics are needed to tackle this problem. Some companies […]

The Plastic Pollution Crisis

Just about anywhere you travel in the world, you will encounter plastic pollution. Even the beaches of remote tropical islands are littered with plastic waste. A recent study published in the journal Nature characterized 414 […]