Fuel Efficiency of Ethanol in the Real World

There is a particular poster at The Oil Drum who frequently claims that a gallon of ethanol can replace a gallon of gasoline in a car. Although he denies it, his over-the-top defenses of corn […]

Investing in Ethanol: A Case Study of Terrible Investment Advice

Comically Terrible Timing In June 2006 I read an article at Financial Sense that promoted ethanol as a great place to put your money:Investing in Ethanol: A “New” Stock Play on Soaring Energy Prices and […]

All BTUs Are Not Created Equally

I sometimes have to pause and remind people that I am not anti-ethanol. As I have said numerous times, I am opposed to recycling fossil fuel into ethanol, and paying massive subsidies to do it. […]

Government and Industry Incompetence

I fear that gross incompetence in our federal and state governments – as well as in some of our major industries – is going to make life much more challenging for our children and grandchildren. […]

Ethanol Series at Financial Times

Financial Times has put up a series on ethanol in their “In Depth” section: In Depth: Ethanol I haven’t had a chance to read the articles, but did speak with a Financial Times reporter and […]

Why Energy Independence Eludes the U.S.

The following is an essay I wrote by request for another website. Regular readers won’t see anything they haven’t seen before, but I figured I would go ahead and post here as well. It is […]

Conversation with Coskata

Sometimes the ‘dead man walking‘ has been falsely convicted, and sometimes he receives a stay of execution. Since I would never want to unfairly convict someone, I had a long and detailed conversation this morning […]

Coskata Responds

Following my previous essay explaining my skepticism that Coskata can make ethanol economically with their process, Wes Bolsen (see his profile here), the Chief Marketing Officer & Vice President of Coskata dropped by and made […]

EPA Denies Ethanol Waiver

No big surprise here, and I have been advising people that there was very little chance that the EPA would grant the waiver, but they have officially denied the ethanol waiver request from the state […]

Clarifying the Ethanol Blending Requirement

I have seen the question frequently arise as to whether the ethanol blending mandate is based on rigid numbers (e.g., 9 billion gallons in 2008) or whether it is actually a percentage requirement, and the […]