U.S. Crude Production Returns To Record Levels

Were it not for the explosive growth of U.S. oil production over the past decade, the recent attacks on Saudi’s oil infrastructure would have undoubtedly had a much larger impact on the world’s oil markets. Now, less than […]

The Energy Sector Lagged In The Third Quarter

The S&P 500 returned 1.2% during the third quarter, which was a weaker performance than the previous two quarters. Nevertheless, for the first half of 2019, the S&P 500 has returned 18.7%. According to the Select Sector SPDR […]

Saudi Oil Inventories Plunge As Production Is Restored

Bloomberg is reporting that Saudi Aramco has restored oil production levels at the crude-processing plants at Abqaiq and at the Khurais oil field. Multiple reports that Saudi’s production would be back online quickly have helped push oil prices back […]

Is EPA At War With The Ethanol Industry?

Following my recent series of ethanol articles, I engaged in a substantive discussion with Douglas A. Durante, who is the Executive Director of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition, a pro-ethanol advocacy group. I am publishing our exchange in two articles. In Part 1, […]

Why The Attacks In Saudi Arabia Are A Big Deal

Oil prices have already pulled back from their surge following last weekend’s drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure. This has led some to say “See, it’s a big nothing-burger.” I believe they are seriously […]

The Great Ethanol Debate: Status Quo Or New Paradigm?

Sometimes there is a total disconnect that takes place somewhere between an idea that I have in my head, and a reader’s interpretation of what I am saying. Whether I communicated poorly, or the reader […]

Attacks In Saudi Arabia Are A Recipe For Much Higher Oil Prices

Over the years, I have often been asked about scenarios that could rapidly drive oil prices higher. My response is always that the worst case scenario is an incident that takes a large amount of […]

Why A Ban On Fracking Will Never Happen

It’s primary season, which generally means Democratic candidates for President are trying to see who can swing farthest Left. This is especially true when it comes to punishing the oil and gas industry that supplies most […]

An Ethanol Defender Misses The Point

Last month’s series on U.S. ethanol policy continues to draw reactions. Today, I will address one of those reactions. To recap, the articles in last month’s series were: Ethanol Industry In Free Fall Since President Trump’s Inauguration The […]

Get High Yields From A Healthy MLP Sector

Last week I received a news alert that highlighted the extent of the current bear market in energy stocks. Typically, late in a business cycle and with a potential recession on the horizon, some sectors […]