The Most Consumed Fuel by State

I saw a very interesting graphic several days ago that shows the most consumed fuel in every state in the US:

Most Consumed Fuel by State

Image Credit: Movoto

In 49 of 50 states, fossil fuels were the most consumed fuel. South Carolina was the single exception, where nuclear power was the most consumed fuel.

Coal consumption predominates in coal-producing states like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Wyoming, while unsurprisingly oil is the most consumed fuel in Texas. In fact, oil is the most consumed fuel in more than half of the US (although Michigan seems to be broken into North and South Michigan), including in states that we typically identify as the “greenest.”

Despite the inroads made by renewable energy in recent years, I suspect it’s going to be a while before you see renewable power make an appearance on a graphic like this. Actually that may not be true in some states with significant hydropower, where that already makes up a significant fraction of electrical generation.

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