The World’s Most Fuel Efficient Car

This likely blows previous fuel efficiency records out of the water:

VW to roll out 313mpg car in Germany and UK

Last week at the Qatar Motor Show saw the world debut of Volkswagen’s XL1, a diesel-electric hybrid two-seater that can do 313mpg (0.9 l/100 km) and an announcement that the vehicle will enter limited production for the UK and German markets in 2013. If it proves popular, VW says it plans to increase production and sell in other countries.

More coverage from Auto Express:

Volkswagen XL1

With rear wheel covers, an F1-style carbon fibre monocoque, and other ultra-lightweight materials such as magnesium wheels, it’s meant to show how economical cars can be, boasting 300mpg-capability. But what’s it like to drive? Open the gullwing door and you sit very low in the cabin. However, that’s not an issue because the driving seat and steering wheel positions are spot-on.


Price: £30,000 (est.)

Engine: 47bhp 800cc two-cylinder turbodiesel, 27bhp electric motor

Transmission: Seven-speed DSG, rear-wheel drive

Top speed: 99mph

0-62mph: 11.9 seconds

Weight: 795kg

Economy: 313mpg

CO2: 25g/km

Equipment: Electric windows, sat-nav, climate control, carbon-fibre monocoque, magnesium wheels

On sale: 2013

All I can say is “amazing.”

Coming up next week, I will discuss the recent online debate on natural gas at The Economist. I was asked to submit an entry, which I will publish here as well. I will also post an interesting Q&A I had about butanol with Rick Wilson, CEO of Cobalt Technologies about the work they are doing.