Redirect on Thursday

Editor’s note: This post is now obsolete. Only leaving it here because there are comments on the post.

Plans are to set up the redirect to the new site for R-Squared on Thursday the 18th. If you subscribe via an RSS feed, you will continue to receive the feed from the new location.

My first post at the new R-Squared will be a position statement. I will briefly cover my views on oil, coal, ethanol (cellulosic, corn, and sugarcane), renewable diesel (green and biodiesel), nuclear power, solar power, wind power, and climate change. That should provide a framework for initial discussions.

As always, suggestions are appreciated. Please let me know if you have questions or comments.

4 thoughts on “Redirect on Thursday”

  1. Hi Robert, as someone who appreciates your sober analysis of energy issues, do you think you could include algae derived fuels in your statement?

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