The World’s Top Sustainable Business Stocks

My new company, Accsys Technologies PLC, made this year’s Top 20 list at

SB20: The World’s Top Sustainable Business Stocks

2008 marks the seventh year for the SB20, which is presented in our sustainable investing newsletter, Progressive Investor. Each year, we work with a group of judges who are leading sustainability stock analysts to select the companies.

The purpose of the SB20 – the Sustainable Business 20 – is to showcase the most innovative, model companies that have the potential to greatly impact our ultimate goal of reaching a sustainable society.

The challenge we give our judges is to nominate, discuss and then vote on 20 companies that, through their products or initiatives, are contributing substantially to the advance of a sustainable economy.

To be on the list, companies must be strong on both the sustainable and financial sides. It is not a “buy” list, but because the companies are strong financially, their stock may well be worth be buying at some point based on stock market positioning.

About Accsys, they write:

Accsys Technologies Plc

England-based Accsys has developed a unique, important process that gives softwoods the same quality and durability prized in hardwoods – partly the cause for the destruction of the world’s forests. Replacing hardwoods with Accsys’s Accoya Wood enables windows, doors and many other construction materials and furnishings to be made from easily available, cheaper sources instead of from endangered, primary forests. The company’s decentralized business model is based on licensing the technology to local operators.

At some point I intend to write a detailed post on exactly what it is that we are doing. That’s pretty far down the ‘to do’ list, though.

3 thoughts on “The World’s Top Sustainable Business Stocks”

  1. Congratulations on winning another award.

    If anyone want to learn more about the technology The accsys website seems to provide a pretty good explanation of it.


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    It is the culmination of eight years of research and I believe that even children could understand it, and figure out how to build anything as a result.

    I really need intelligent people to give me some constructive feedback:

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  3. RR-
    You may want to take a look at the website These guys somehow stain pine trees in situ (that is, while the trees are growing).
    It strikes me that they could stain the wood, and you could harden it, and we never have to cut down another tropical hardwood tree. We can grow pine farms all over the America.
    A better world.

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