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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Texas A&M University, College Station, TX in May 1995 GPA: 3.63/4.00

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics (double major), Texas A&M University, Commerce, TX in May 1991 GPA: 3.93/4.00


Over twenty years of engineering experience in the chemicals and oil and gas industries across a wide range of fossil fuel and biofuels technologies, including refining, natural gas production, gas-to-liquids, ethanol production, and butanol production. I have experience in R&D, process, production, and design. My experience includes international assignments in Germany, Scotland, and the Netherlands. My graduate school experience involved the biological conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into chemicals. I have received multiple patents for my work. Additional experience includes extensive technical consulting and writing on various alternative energy technologies.


09.14 – present; Advanced Green Innovations, Chandler, AZ USA; Director of Alternative Fuels Technology

• Oversaw engineering and development of a 1-megawatt oilfield flare gas to power conversion system
• Managed internal and external research on alternative fuels.
• Developed small scale in-house production of appropriate alternative fuels.
• Explored collaboration with 3rd parties to advance the alternative fuel platform.
• Assisted in the development of a proprietary anaerobic digestion system.

07.09 – 09.14; Merica International, Hawaii, USA; Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President

• Locate appropriate renewable energy technologies that fit within the company strategy.
• Evaluate the technologies on the basis of technical and economic merit.
• Conduct site visits and carry out due diligence with technical personnel and senior management.
• Educate the public on the company’s mission through presentations and media interviews.

10.12 – present; Investing Daily, Falls Church, VA; Chief Investment Strategist

• Write one free weekly newsletter on the energy industry.
• Write one free weekly newsletter on master limited partnerships.
• Write one biweekly subscription-only newsletter on energy investments.
• Write semimonthly articles for Personal Finance.
• Manage a model energy investment portfolio for investors.
• Conduct monthly web chats with paid subscribers to the newsletter to answer investment questions.

03.08 – 08.09; Accsys Technologies PLC, London, UK; Projects, Engineering, and Development Director

• Served as Director of Projects, Engineering, and Development.
• Reported directly to the CEO of Accsys Technologies.
• Responsible for global engineering excellence in the organization.
• Planned, prioritized, and assigned the work load for the team.
• Recruited, interviewed, and hired new staff.
• Directed the research and development of the organization.

01.07 – 03.08; ConocoPhillips, Aberdeen, UK; Process Engineering Team Leader

• Led large international team tasked with executing projects in the North Sea sector.
• Planned, prioritized, and assigned the work load for the team.
• Recruited, interviewed, and hired new engineers into the group.
• Prepared estimates, schedules, and project execution plans.
• Ultimately responsible for the quality of all work produced by the team.
• Served as technical advisor for the emergency response team.
• Conducted semi-annual performance appraisals for all team members.
BOSIET certified

05.04 – 01.07; ConocoPhillips, Billings, Montana; LP and Models Engineer

• Utilized Aspen Orion for refinery scheduling and planning.
• Interfaced with commercial group to develop short and long-term operating plans.
• Monitored key process indicators for all process units on a weekly basis.
• Blended gasoline for optimal vapor pressure and octane.
• Implemented control plan for Six Sigma project on crude oil quality.
• Provided technical/economic input on corporate alternative fuel interests.
• Provided testimony to the legislature on a proposed ethanol mandate.
• Published numerous articles on various alternative energy technologies.

03.02 – 05.04; ConocoPhillips, Ponca City, Oklahoma; Senior Staff Engineer

• Provided technical support for the development of gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology. Primary responsibility was on the gasification step.
• Served as Technical Lead for ethane oxidative dehydrogenation project.
• Invented a breakthrough process that enabled the first ever ultra-high-pressure ethane oxidative dehydrogenation. This significantly improved project economics, and I received a Special Recognition Award as a result.
• Supervised a team of technicians and chemical engineers.
• Submitted 20 invention records, of which 6 are in various stages of patenting.
• Developed Excel spreadsheets for acquisition and analysis of process data.

05.01 – 03.02; Celanese, Clear Lake, Texas; Six Sigma Black Belt

• Provided technical direction for acrylic acid and acrylic acid esters units.
• Trained in Six Sigma methodology and completed Six Sigma Black Belt program.
• Served as mentor for two Six Sigma Green Belts.
• Led two successful Six Sigma teams. The results of our efforts led to a decrease in plant energy usage of $2 million/yr.

06.99 – 05.01; Celanese, Oberhausen, Germany; Production Engineer

• Provided technical support for the butyraldehyde, butanol, and 2-ethyl hexanol units.
• Conceived and designed a novel new butanol unit that was estimated to reduce production costs by $5.4 million/yr. Led team through successful piloting of the design, for which I received a patent.
• Designed advanced process control systems for several distillation towers.

06.97 – 06.99; Celanese, Bay City, Texas; Senior Process Engineer

• Provided technical direction for the butanol, propanol, and POX units.
• Engineered distillation modifications that reduced variable steam usage by 30% and increased butanol capacity by 20%. This was achieved at no capital cost.
• Designed and commissioned a new butyraldehyde distillation system.
• Recommended changes in the butanol production system which led to a 5% overall increase in propylene to butanol efficiency. The total value in energy costs, capacity increases, and propylene efficiency was approximately $9 million/yr.
• Decreased the process waste streams by 75%.
• Provided all process support for a $6 MM expansion of the butanol unit and a $20 MM conversion of POX reactors from fuel oil to natural gas.

05.95 – 06.97; Celanese, Corpus Christi, Texas; Development Engineer

• Provided technical support for butanol and propanol units.
• Modified a butanol distillation system and avoided a $5 million capital expenditure.
• Developed Aspen Plus models for a butanol purification system, a POX reactor, a synthesis gas purification system, and a butyraldehyde splitter.
• Operated a butanol distillation pilot unit.

01.94 – 05.95; Texas A&M University, College Station, TX; Research Assistant

• Instructed students in chemical engineering unit operations.
• Designed and operated a series of bio-reactors used to convert municipal solid waste and wastewater sludge into mixed organic acids and alcohols.
• Supervised interns engaged in experiments in the biomass lab.

08.91 – 01.94; Texas A&M University, College Station, TX; Teaching Assistant

• Prepared and delivered chemistry lectures each week.
• Supervised students in the lab and tutored them in general and analytical chemistry.
• Performed research in mass spectrometry instrument development.

07.86 – 08.91; Campbell Soup Company, Paris, TX; Lab Technician

• Managed quality control lab during night shift while attending school full-time.
• Collected samples from production lines.
• Performed analytical and bacteriological tests.


Granted Patents

  • US Patent 7,067,455 – Copper modified catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation
  • US Patent 7,074,977 – Reactor and process for converting alkanes to alkenes
  • US Patent 7,087,795 – Method for the production of aldehydes
  • US Patent 7,381,230 – Reactor and process for making synthesis gas
  • US Patent 7,888,278 – Stabilized alumina supports, catalysts made therefrom, and their use in partial oxidation
  • US Patent 10,870,810 – Method and system for converting associated gas
  • US Patent 11,718,521 – Method and System for Converting Non-Methane Hydrocarbons to Recover Hydrogen Gas and/or Methane Gas Therefrom

Patents Applications

US Patent App. 20200040259 – Biomass Processing Devices, Systems, and Methods

Miscellaneous Patents

US 7,087,795 has also been granted in Germany (DE10160368), by the European Patent Office (EP1456162), in South Africa (2004/3935), and is pending in Japan (2003551096) and in South Korea (2003551096).


Biofuels in Achieving Sustainability: Visions, Principles, and Practices. Vol. 1. published in 2014.
Power Plays: Energy Options in the Age of Peak Oil published in 2012
The Potential of Algae and Jatropha as Biofuels Sources in Global Economic and Environmental Aspects of Biofuels published in 2012
The Global Energy Picture for The Economics of Alternative Energy Sources and Globalization published in 2011
Diesel Production Processes for Advances in Energy Research published in 2011
Bioenergy/Biofuels in Sustainable Development in the Forest Products Industry published in 2010
Renewable Diesel for Biofuels, Solar and Wind as Renewable Energy Systems: Benefits and Risks published in 2008

I have appeared on 60 Minutes, The History Channel, CNBC, CBC, and PBS to discuss the energy sector, and my articles on energy and sustainability have appeared in numerous media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Washington PostChristian Science Monitor, The Economist, and Forbes. I also appeared in the documentary film Critical Mass by director Mike Freedman.


Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Winner (for cellulose conversion to chemicals)
Texas A&M Regents’ Fellowship
National Dean’s List
Alpha Chi Honor Society
American Institute of Chemists Award for Outstanding Graduating Senior
American Chemical Society Award for Outstanding Analytical Chemistry Student
Robert A. Welch Fellowship


2008 Invited Plenary Speaker, American Society of Peak Oil Annual Conference, Sacramento
2009 Invited Speaker, Energy Information Administration Annual Conference
2009 Invited Speaker, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce (talk on biofuels)
2009 Invited Speaker, First Nations’ Futures Program, Stanford University
2009 Invited Speaker, Pacific Rim Summit, Honolulu, Hawaii
2009 Invited Speaker, USDA Conference on renewable energy, Orlando, Florida
2010 Invited Speaker, Global Footprint Summit, Siena Italy
2010 Invited Speaker, Our Environmental Future Conference, University of Guelph
2011 Invited Plenary Speaker, American Society of Peak Oil Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.
2012 Invited Speaker, Hawaii Electric Employees Meeting, Hilo, Hawaii
2012 Invited Speaker, University of California Santa Barbara
2012 Invited Guest, Hawaii PBS, Honolulu, Hawaii
2012 Invited Plenary Speaker, American Society of Peak Oil Annual Conference, Austin, TX
2012 Invited Guest, The History Channel, “What’s the Earth Worth?”
2013 Invited Speaker, The Wealth Summit, Scottsdale, AZ
2014 Invited Guest, 60 Minutes, “The Cleantech Crash“, interviewed by Lesley Stahl
2014 Invited Speaker, Methanol Policy Forum, Washington, DC
2014 Invited Speaker, The Wealth Summit, Alexandria, VA
2015 Invited Guest, Business News Network
2015 Invited Speaker, The Wealth Summit, Denver, CO
2015 Invited Guest, CNBC, “Squawk Box”
2016 Invited Plenary Speaker, InvestFest Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX
2016 Invited Speaker, The Wealth Summit, Las Vegas, NV
2016 Invited Speaker, The Uintah Basin Energy Summit, Vernal, UT
2016 Invited Speaker, Uinta Basin Oil and Gas Collaborative Group Meeting, Duchesne, UT
2016 Invited Guest, PBS, Special report on ethanol policy
2017 Invited Speaker, The Wealth Summit, Alexandria, VA
2017 Keynote Speaker, The Uintah Basin Energy Summit, Vernal, UT
2018 Invited Guest, CBC, “Oil and Electric Vehicles”
2019 Invited Speaker, West Kern Petroleum Summit, Taft, CA


Energy and sustainability issues, hiking, biking, writing, travel