This Week in Petroleum 11-28-07

2nd Update Crude was down sharply following today’s release. The AP explains: NEW YORK (AP) — Oil’s rise to $100 a barrel, which seemed a done deal as recently as two days ago, was dealt […]

Why Oil Prices Defied Expectations

Happy Thanksgiving to all! It was a normal work day here in Scotland for me, which stinks. But I am now home, the turkey just came out of the oven, and soon I will be […]

This Week in Petroleum 11-21-07

2nd Update: Well, we got that big surprise, primarily because crude imports were sharply down from last week. Some excerpts: U.S. crude oil refinery inputs averaged 14.9 million barrels per day during the week ending […]

This Week in Petroleum 11-15-07

2nd Update Now, 30 minutes after the release of the report, the market is starting to react, and oil prices are falling. Are traders really that slow to react? Or is that some kind of […]

IEA Slashes Demand Projections

Today the International Energy Agency (IEA) released their Oil Market Report. While the report is only available for subscribers for the first 2 weeks following the release, reports are already emerging on some of the […]

Prepare for Volatility

I saw a comment from someone yesterday that if this week’s inventory report shows a sharp drop in crude inventories, oil will probably spike up above $100. I do think that because of the storms […]

This Week in Petroleum 11-7-07

Updated Following Report Release About 10 seconds after the report was released, I scanned down and found what I was looking for: U.S. commercial crude oil inventories (excluding those in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve) fell […]

This Week in Petroleum 10-31-07

Halloween Edition – Updated following the release of the report Overall inventories decreased, and there was a fairly large crude draw, which is likely to push oil prices up from here. If the Fed cuts […]

OPIS on the Bull Rush

My daily OPIS summary weighed in on my side over the level of oil prices. I am beginning to think I may not be crazy at all. 🙂 Today’s “excuse de jour” for the rally […]

$90 Oil: How We Got Here

David Ivanovich at The Houston Chronicle always does a nice job of covering the energy markets. His latest article gives a comprehensive overview of the events of the past few years that put us on […]