Exxon Freezes Venezuelan Assets

This came as a surprise to me: Exxon wins freeze on $12 billion of Venezuelan assets NEW YORK (Reuters) – Exxon Mobil Corp has won court orders freezing up to $12 billion in Venezuelan assets […]

Brother, Can You Spare Chavez a Billion?

Now that Chavez has run Venezuela’s oil production into the ground and needs a new cash infusion for his social programs, he is inviting oil companies back in to make investments: Venezuela seeks oil investment […]

Chavez Had Me Fooled

It seems I have been wrong about Hugo Chavez. I had thought the man didn’t have a clue about the oil business. While companies like ConocoPhillips were pulling in $15.5 billion profits*, they were investing […]

More Fun in Venezuela

Here’s what can happen if you neglect to feed your cash cow: Former Pdvsa CEO shows concern about production level Luis Giusti, former CEO of Venezuelan state-run oil firm Pdvsa, said the statements made by […]

The Week in Energy – September 7, 2007

Note: This will be my last time to post in this format (a block of stories in one post). Others have commented, and I agree, that this is a bit unwieldly. Besides that, I have […]

Venezuela’s Production Difficulties

I think this speaks for itself: Venezuela drops 2007 rig count target by 40 pct CARACAS, July 20 (Reuters) – Venezuela’s difficulties in acquiring oil rigs amid soaring global demand could lead to lower oil […]

Expropriating Venezuela’s Refineries

You heard it here first. Two months ago, I wrote Let’s Confiscate Venezuela’s U.S. Refineries. Looks like I may not have been too far off the mark, as others have started thinking along the same […]

Let’s Confiscate Venezuela’s U.S. Refineries

I recall reading this story a while back: Chavez Considers Sale of U.S. Refineries The implications just sank in today. Chavez, having confiscated the property of U.S. companies and torn up contracts, has property here […]

What Planet Are They From?

I have come across a couple of articles in the past few days that really left me shaking my head. One praises Hugo Chavez as a hero, and the other blasts oil companies for their […]