The Impact of $5 Gas Prices, and Eco-Proppants — R-Squared Energy TV Ep. 18

In this week’s episode of R-Squared Energy TV, I talk about the impact I believe $5 gasoline will have on most people, and whether there are any environmentally friendly proppants that can be used for hydraulic fracturing.

Some of the topics discussed this week are:

  • My observations here in Hawaii on the impact of $5 gasoline
  • Why I think gasoline prices have peaked (for now)
  • What proppants are and how they are used in hydraulic fracturing (fracking)

One thing I meant to mention in the video, but forgot, is this. I was paying over $4 a gallon for gasoline in Germany a decade ago, and the roads were still packed with cars. In the Netherlands in 2008, gasoline ran up to about $9 a gallon, and there seemed to be no let-up in traffic. If there was a good solution for gasoline at $5 (or higher), then the Europeans certainly have not figured it out. True, they use a lot less as a result of many years of high gas taxes, but over the short term there isn’t a lot that most people can do but pay more when prices run up. In the video I point out that the price of oil has doubled in the past five years, but U.S. oil consumption has only fallen by about 10% over that time. So we are using less and paying a lot more overall.

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