The 2011 ASPO-USA Conference

The 2011 ASPO-USA Conference will take place in two weeks. The dates are November 2nd-5th, and the venue is the Capitol Hill Hyatt in Washington, D.C. The only other ASPO conference I have attended was the 2008 conference in Sacramento, so I am looking forward to catching up with and hearing presentations from people I haven’t seen in three years. At the 2008 ASPO conference I gave a talk on where to find credible energy data, one on biofuels (here is the outline of that talk), and then I participated in an evening panel session.

At this year’s conference I will also deliver two talks and participate in a roundtable. The first talk will be on how to conduct technical due diligence on energy companies, and the second will be on coping with resource depletion. The roundtable will cover investing and will include Charles Maxwell and Jim Hansen.

The rest of the conference features an impressive list of speakers, including authors of several of the energy-themed books I have read over the years. Some of the speakers include Bob Hirsch, Richard Heinberg, Gail Tverberg, Jeff Rubin, Chris Skrebowski, and Chris Martenson, but there are many more names that will be familiar to readers (full list of speakers here).

So if you happen to be attending the conference or are just in the area, be sure to say hello.

For next Monday’s column, I will be writing about a visit I paid to Solazyme while I was in San Francisco last week. I learned a few new things about the company that I will share with readers.