Get Paid to Post

Robert J. Rohatensky is building a site geared toward the discussion of solutions to our energy problems. And if you have some good ideas, you can get paid for your submission. Here is the sales pitch:

We pay for content! is willing to pay authors for longer essay submissions, reviews, original ideas and how-to projects. The general topics are renewable energy, oil, engineering, DIY and creative solutions. If you are interested in writing for, then complete your piece and submit it with a valid contact email.

For the time being we are working on the honor system and will contact you with an offer if we find the essay interesting before it gets posted to the main page.

As far as the going rate, you will have to ask him about that. I think the general idea is to grow the readership through a combination of paid content and reader submissions, and use the ad revenue to attract more writers. So, if you have an interesting idea (people used to send me 2 or 3 a week), put it out there for discussion.

One thought on “Get Paid to Post”

  1. I especially like the fact that just two weeks ago, Dugan revealed the oil industry’s deception when in mid October gasoline prices failed to keep up with crude (apparently she has a simple linear formula that was violated).

    Now that gasoline is heading up again, Big Oil is once again guilty… of something else. You can’t win. I guess the feds have stopped threatening to take away subsidies?

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