The Solar Stage is Set

I have been pretty disgusted by this whole $700 billion bailout. I felt like we let a lot of people get away with some very bad behavior; behavior that enriched some at the expense of […]

Extend Renewable Energy Tax Credits

A big pet peeve of mine is the way we have gone about handling tax credits for renewable electricity. I believe renewable alternatives warrant tax credits, because we simply do not pay the “true cost” […]

The Saudi Arabia of Solar Power

Turns out it actually is Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia positioned to become solar power Sitting in the center of the so-called Sun Belt, the country is part of a vast, rainless region reaching from the […]

The Drilling Debate: Narrowing the Chasm

I have given a lot of thought to the issue of opening up new areas for drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). My position has always […]

That’s a Lot of Solar Insolation

Without a doubt, I am a big fan of solar power. I have very high hopes that thin film companies like Nanosolar will allow us all to drape our homes in cheap solar films. I […]

Solar One Event

I recently received the following press release from Solar One, a non-profit organization that specializes in solar energy awareness and advocacy. Since I am passionate about solar energy, I am happy to call attention to […]

Largest Affordable Solar Housing Installation

Most press releases I receive are not really worth publicizing, in my opinion. Most of them are just self-promotions for one organization or another. But here’s one that is worth bringing some attention to: The […]

The Solar-Powered Prius

Solar-Powered Prius (Source: At the end of my recent essay on Nissan’s electric car announcement, I wrote “For my next calculation, I need to see how much power I could generate by putting a […]

A Solar-Powered Airplane

One of the things I have stated repeatedly is that even as I see the world moving to solar power by necessity, we will always need liquid fuels for long-haul transport and airline travel. Turns […]

Lumeta: Peel and Stick Solar

I wanted to thank a reader for sending me the following YouTube link. This is very cool. A solar company called Lumeta – a subsidiary of California-based DRI Companies, has created a peel and stick […]