The Ethanol Industry’s Flaw Is Its Entitlement Mentality

I hadn’t intended to write another ethanol column so soon, but I have been engaged in a lot of debate and discussion over my recent ethanol columns. I think it’s worth reiterating some points. Also, a […]

Addressing Two Objections To My Midwest Ethanol Plan

Today I want to conclude the recent series of articles on ethanol. Previous articles in this series were: Ethanol Industry In Free Fall Since President Trump’s Inauguration The Problem With The Ethanol Industry How To […]

How To Fix The Ethanol Industry

In the previous column, I described what I believe are the problems with the nation’s ethanol program. In a nutshell, the U.S. government creates demand for ethanol via federal mandate. This mandate pits states, powerful public interests, […]

The Problem With The Ethanol Industry

Despite once being included on an “Ethanol Enemies List“, I would like to see a healthy U.S. ethanol industry. I think it’s important for the U.S. to produce as much fuel as we can domestically, […]

Ethanol Industry In Free Fall Since President Trump’s Inauguration

Following Donald Trump’s election in 2016, ethanol producers rallied. Shares of ethanol suppliers Green Plains, REX American Resources and Pacific Ethanol all climbed by double digits in the weeks after the election. I felt like this celebration […]

Why China Is Dominating Lithium-Ion Battery Production

The world is becoming increasingly electrified. Not only are developing countries increasing the availability of electricity to their populations, but the electrification of existing transportation infrastructure is proceeding at a rapid pace. By 2040, over […]

A New U.S. Oil Production Peak Looks Imminent

One of the most important questions in the global oil markets revolves around U.S. oil production. There is probably nothing OPEC would like to know more than when U.S. oil production will begin to decline. […]

Permian Basin Oil Production Growth Is Falling Fast

There’s no question that over the past decade, the U.S. shale oil boom has had a tremendous impact on global oil markets. The surge of U.S. oil production broke OPEC’s hold on oil prices — […]

Ten Countries That Dominate Fossil Fuel Production

Despite the rapid growth of renewable energy over the past decade, fossil fuels still dominate global energy consumption. According to BP’s recently-released Statistical Review of World Energy 2019, fossil fuels represented 84.7% of global energy consumption in 2018. […]

Why The World Needs More Nuclear Power

This is the final article in a series based on BP’s recently-released Statistical Review of World Energy 2019. Previous articles in this series covered carbon dioxide emissions, petroleum supply and demand, the production and consumption of coal, global natural gas trends, and the continued explosion in the […]