Where I Go for Comic Relief

I am going to have to start issuing my own press releases. That’s what our good friends at Oil Watchdog – the oil-hating arm of the FTCR, like to do. They write their own press […]

Energy crisis ‘one hurricane away’

Shell’s president says we are just one bad storm away from high and volatile oil prices. I wonder what he considers high and volatile? Shell president: Energy crisis ‘one hurricane away’ in U.S. “We are […]

Another Peak Lite Endorsement

Hmm. I am going to have to trademark “Peak Lite.” This viewpoint is gathering momentum. First the IEA, then the NPC, now the former chairman of Shell has come out and endorsed this view: Oil […]

Notes from the Energy Tour

I have mentioned here before the town halls being conducted by Shell and ConocoPhillips that are designed to capture the concerns of the American public on energy issues. I think these tours are important, because […]

Who Supplies the Most Biofuel?

I learned something interesting today. If you had asked me who is the world’s largest distributor of bio-fuels, I would have probably guessed ADM. It looks like I might have been wrong. Here is a […]